Thanks Lex,

To further complicate things, I have been trying to standardize all my processing in a Jobo.

I shot a roll of R50 at 50 ISO, bracketed a stop each way and processed it at Frugal's suggested eight minutes, roughly compensating for the continuous agitation by cutting it to 6'30". The results weren't particularly conclusive by themselves but everything was nicely printable. This stuff lives up to it's reputation, it ain't no T-Max. More critical tests are required but I feel much more confident handling this film than when I made the original post in this thread.

I don't test with a densitometer either, I just tweak exposure and dev times until my average negs consistantly print the way I like them on a #2 paper and then call that "N". That way, I figure, it takes all my personal equipment, materials and method variables into account. I enjoy the technical aspects of photography but what goes on the wall is going to have to stand entirely on it's aesthetic and visual merits no matter what the numbers say.

If I manage to nail down some results that could possibly be useful to others, I'll be sure to post them.