One of the problems with getting Rodinal has been shippers have had to add a hazardous materials surcharge on any order containing it, usually about $15. Either that rule is dependent on the shipper or the applicable regulation has been changed because Freestyle is advertising that there is no longer a hazardous surcharge on certain chemicals when shipped by ground. If you do business with other suppliers, (B&H, Adorama, etc) you may want to check if they now have eliminated said charges.

One problem locally is that one of the camera stores told me that Agfa was requiring retailers to buy a minimum of $2000 of Agfa products per order, no re-orders of items in lesser amounts. Since there is not enough market locally to support carrying Agfa paper, (they carry Kodak, Ilford and Forte) that becomes a lot of bottles of Rodinal and Neutol and Sistan to have sitting on the shelf. They usually split the order with the only other supplier of B&W materials in town, but once the Rodinal is gone, it might take 6 months or longer before they place another order.