Brian got the point.
By the Software point of view: tiff, jpeg etc, in two years ahead we will have tiff2, jpegplus etc. Adobe will read which of these? And the Adobeturbo? Who will copy his/her image files to the new generations (extensions) per omnia secula ? Nobody. Therefore the images will be lost.
By the Hardware point of view: just reminding - floppy disks 8", 5 1/4", 3 1/2", bernoulli disk, tape stream, zipdrive, cdrom. In two years when we have xptodisks with more than 1gb, there won't be device units to read present cdrom or any other older midia. Who will copy his/her files from one midia to another per omnia secula ? Nobody. So, images will be lost by this reason also.
These are facts, pure truth, as is true that Kodak is the worst company concerning quality of film/papers since some decades ago. Mr Crabtree doesn't work there since long time ago.