Well, there is a very rare lens for the SL 66 that has tilt - so the combination of tilts permit rise. There are also third-party true shift lenses for the SL 66. The focussing movement and shutter being part of the camera body, and the ready availability of blank lens mounts, means that all kinds of lenses can be mounted on an SL 66, E or SE.

There's also the currently manufactured Gilde (Dear Santa, I've been a good girl all year...), the out-of-production Plaubel Proshift, the 120 Seitz Roundshot that takes a shift lens (just thought I'd mention that, though it doesn't fit the bill) and isn't there a Cambo Wide as well as the Linhofs?

However, I use a Mamiya Press with a 6x9 back, which gives the equivalent of about 14 mm of rise on 6x6. Not much, but it helps. It can be handheld.