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You didn't mention whether you processed these yourself or sent them into a lab. You may want to consider sending your trannies to Calypso, their prices are hard to beat; I'm not sure if you can process your own for what they charge.
These were processed by a lab. I have worked with this lab for something like seven years now. I've three separarate instances of the magenta shadows from them -- all occurred recently and within a couple of weeks. After the third time, I did have a couple of sheet done at Calypso - just to give them a try. I've been shooting mostly B&W lately so have not been back to Calypso. Calypso did fine work at a nice price but, the personal attention is missing. The lady at the counter acted like I was bothering her...I just wasn't familiar with how they work. To be fair, I have such a great working relationship with my regular lab I may be just a little spoiled.

I have watched my regular lab tranform itself from a professional lab serving mainly mainly wedding, portrait and industrial / commercial photogs to one that caters mainly to up-scale soccer moms. It is rare to see a wedding photog drop films off there now-a-days. It used to be that I wouldn't even attempt to go into theplace on Monday mornings. Sadly, I am probably the only customer who regularly brings them 4x5 business anymore...Calypso on the other hand clearly, still does quite a bit of 4x5. I fear my regular lab may have loosened up on the chemical process control in response to the evolving business.