I was reading the latest copy of Popular Photography & Mostly Digital Imaging and in the front under what I believe was their What's New section there was a reference to ShutterStock.com. Pop Photo's little blurb was Ever think there's a better use for all those photo's sitting on your hard drive. What if you could sell them. Shutterstock is a new online stock company that gives Pro's and amatuers a chance to sell their pictures as stock. The agency pays photographers 20 cents each time their photo is downloaded and then goes on to say how some shooters have made as much as $750 a month.

Now I'm sorry but really, 20 cents a picture? And how tell me does a pro photographer exist on that? Truth be told, this company is rapeing people for their gain, and Pop Photography's spread of this information is a slap in the face of people trying to make a living in the craft. I consider this and all the other royalty free, pay the photographer nothing sites, to be a virus to the health of professional photographers and just as much an important issue
as labeling a photograph correctly. Personally I'm going to write a nice little letter to the editor and tell him that their exposure of business concerns like this are wrecking the industry for people who actually need to make a living in it and pay bills. If you care to pass on your views please do so. Maybe next months issue of letters to the editor will apprise them of their disregard to people trying to make an honest living by selling stock.