The E6 formulas in the reference above are incorrect. They may yield useable results but I am sure that they will not work up to specs with all E6 films.

The first developer is wrong, the color developer is wrong, the use of the stop bath is wrong, and the bleach is a ferricyanide bleach which the current dyes are not tested with. The fixer is a sodium based fix which may lead to retained silver halide, and the stabilzer does not contain the latest proprietary ingredients designed for the newest family of dyes.

What to expect? Degraded color, sharpness and grain. It may be with every film or only with selected films. I have no idea. Dye stability will probably be substandard. E6 films are designed to fit the process, but if a process is designed to fit the film, it may only work with that film, and if it is not tested with the appropriate resolution charts and dye stability tests, these other factors may be unknowns to the formula designers.

All they know is that the picture with this film in this process looks pretty!

Well, if that is good enough for you, then enjoy.