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Now I'm sorry but really, 20 cents a picture? And how tell me does a pro photographer exist on that? Truth be told, this company is rapeing people for their gain
In this case I agree... However the $0.20 per picture model COULD work if done fairly.

What kills this site for me is their $140/month subscription rate. While that COULD work out at $0.50 per image, in practice only commerical users are going to be able to afford a subscription, and in most cases users will download far fewer images-> greater profit for the site.

On the other hand suppose there was a per image fee of $0.40, with a limited commercial usage clause. They'd be splitting the cash 50/50, rather than getting rich off subscriptions. Now if you needed an image for college project, buisness report, flyer etc you'd pay $0.40 for the right picture. These kinds of "clients" currently get their pictures from google images and don't pay anything for them!

The trick (kinda like iTunes) is to make it so easy that users will pay. How much would $0.20/pic be if it was automatically added to your bank account every time someone selected your site from google images? Think about the stuff you've downloaded recently which technically you should pay a royalty for... now suppose when you start the download a box popped up and said "the owner of this work would like a $0.40 royalty payment", and clicking OK sent the cash automatically. You'd probably pay it for anything half decent.

My website gets about 3000 hits per month... If half of them made one micro-payment, I'd be a happy bunny.

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I consider this and all the other royalty free, pay the photographer nothing sites, to be a virus to the health of professional photographers
Why should they affect the professional? I presume the pro isn't going to sell images through such sites, and considers their images worth the extra money they charge?

As a slight change in direction - how many photographers have copies of photoshop? And how many bought it? Even pro's can see royalty payments in differently when THEY're expected to pay them.

(who doesn't have photoshop on his computer, and has a legit copy of a very old version which came with his scanner on another machine).