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Here in England about thirty years ago press photographers in London got p****d off that Nikon U.K were using pictures of them in their adverts, and the copy read something like "95 percent of the press pack use Nikon", they started taping over the Nikon logo because they got no payment from the company for this, thereafter a lot of wannabes started the practice
I assume they can't make that 95% claim anymore, given what I've seen lately. Used to be in the US that newsrooms had pool equipment that was all or nearly all Nikon, and Nikon bent over backwards to accomodate them on repairs and loaners. I don't know if that's gone away, but I get the impression that Canon is now playing that game very well, at least at major sports venues, and has stolen a lot of market share. I'm also not one who is impressed by what the "pack" is doing, so that tack never worked for me, whether it's Canon or Nikon or anyone else.

When I last worked at a camera store (and Nikon had that market share in the press) I was completely underwhelmed by Nikon warranty service for the general public. They denied service under warranty on a number of the new 1/4000 shutters in the FM2/FE2, blaming my customers for the failures. They changed stories on their assessment of what went wrong with one particular shutter three times... radically. It was obviously a problem with the early versions of that shutter, but the only way those shutters remained on sale in that shop was the local sales rep agreeing to cover repairs out of his own pocket. Nikon USA (or EPOI, or whoever it was at that point) never acknowledged the problem was theirs. In the first two years of that shutter, the local Nikon authorized repair said he never saw one do better than 1/2500th when set to 1/4000, and most were nearer 1/2000th, a full stop off.

Sorry, didn't set out to slam Nikon. But like most makers, they're not always as special as they'd like you to believe, taped over or not. I did recently see a photo of Lee Friedlander carrying a taped-over Voigtlander Bessa 35mm rangefinder and lens, one of the newer Leica mount bodies. Got a good chuckle out of that, even though I didn't try to assign a motive. Can you get black electrician's tape with the Holga logo embossed on it, or maybe just a pricetag for $5.99?