If you long for a light weight Medium Format rangefinder look for a baby speed or crown 2 1/4 by 2 3/4 or 6 by 9 with a graflok back. The crown is lighter because it doesn't have the focal shutter on the back. As with the Crown and Speed 4X5s some movement, can use interchangable lens (usually only the standard lens is coupled with the rangefinder, but with late models if you can find or make cams lens might couple) with a short bellows you can do some marco and use long lens. With the ground glass back you can use as felid camera. Very good selecton of lens. Down side, parts are hard to come by, not all of the lens will sycn with flash, or you need an adaptor, no build in light meter. I have both a 4X5 Speed and Crown, easy to use reliable and I often wished I had a baby Crown.