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I have a "sky lite" (4ft by 8 ft.) in the dining room that I really enjoy using. The light constantly seems to be in a state of change. Much like David, I like to leave a "set up" up for a bit to see the changes in lighting as it occurs. Somehow or why, my wife is not greatly enamored with set ups that stay around for more than a day or so.
My husband and I bought some new living room furniture last month but as a result of a mix-up at the distribution center, we were 'furniturelss' for 4 days (our old stuff was donated to Good Will). I had a huge room with nothing in it but beautiful, diffused light. So, like any self-respecting photographer, I set up a temporary studio. My poor husband was nervous... I think he assumed that since the light was sooo good, I'd just forego the furniture altogether. LOL Spouses are so funny!