I have been using D-76 to develop my TMY 4x5 sheet film. Since I don't develop often enough to use a gallon of stock solution before it goes bad, I have been buying it in 1-quart (more recently, 1-liter) packages. But my local store can't get them any more. I called Kodak and was told that D-76 in 1-liter packages is now a special-order item with a 4-6-week delivery time!

Now what do I do? Can I mix a gallon of D-76 and freeze three quarts of it? I checked B&H Photo's web site and found that a one-liter pack of D-76 will cost me something like $4.50, with shipping estimated at $11!

I'm not wedded to D-76, as I haven't yet done any serious calibration of the D-76/TMY combination. Are there other developers that I should consider that have indefinite unmixed shelf life?