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Why should they affect the professional? I presume the pro isn't going to sell images through such sites, and considers their images worth the extra money they charge?
You're right. But then what about some buyer who would normally spend hundreds of dollars and finds out they can spend a hell of a lot less. Corporations, publishers and media buyers are looking for better bottom lines. These types of photo libraries are just an opportunity for them to find it if the picture is of a high enough caliber and suits their purpose. Of course this is not old news. It's been talked about, and ranted about for years. Pop's exposure tho of this concern seemed to me like a stab in the back to those I know, or have read about quite often, even professionals and some people working in the past for Pop Photo, who have stated that they receive some sort of income from plain ol' stock photo sales. I just don't see it as a benefit. It seems more like an erosion to the industry. It looks more and more to me like the only real jobs in the photogaphic industry will be in the commercial end of things, or maybe as a paparazzi, with the wedding industry somewhat lagging behind due to competition. The idea of making any real money as a stock shooter nowdays looks to be but a dream. I just wish a few stock sellers would come around and comment on the trade as it exist today as compared to yesterday.