I would like some tips from expert users of this film to speed up getting top quality results, but realise I will need to refine things myself. I will be using this film for landscapes.

I use a Devere 504 colour head (very diffuse) and will develop in the Combitank and Nova hand line and would like some reccommendations from users familiar with this film in this format. I am aware that some users hate the film while others love it, so only positive help please!

I will continue to use FP4+, but want something for use in readyload for travel to far flung places, minimal dust, weight etc. I have used Barry Thornton's DiXactol and Exactol Lux with lovely results with FP4, but the whole process is laborious. I am keen to get good sharpness from this fine grained film, which I hear can lack edge contrast/acutance. If anyone has used Exactol Lux with it, please let me know!

If you do have tips, please do not forget temperature, agitation etc!

Your help is appreciated!