D-76 (1+1) gives very smooth results with TMX and it's pretty trouble free. With a diffusion enlarger you might increase development time from recommendations about 15% to improve contrast. I rate it at EI 80 and develop in a Nikor Tank for 13.5 min, at 68 deg. F., with four inversions every 30 sec. I use that time for either 4x5" sheets to be enlarged with a cold light head or larger sheets to be contact printed on Azo. 11 min for negs to be enlarged with a condensor enlarger.

You can also get a one zone increase in contrast after the fact when needed by toning in Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner 1+3 for about 8 minutes.

I use PMK for Tri-X, but don't really see the attraction of a staining developer for TMX, though I haven't tried it in Pyrocat HD.