I have dabbled with Maco 820C in rollfilm and am thinking of trying 5x4, but at 40 a box, want to make sure that it will not fog in std DDS under bright conditions. This may seem a daft question (as how else would you use the stuff), but thought it worth asking as someone mentioned that Kodak HIE could be a problem before being discontinued in 5x4. All rumour and hearsay. Has anyone tried it in 5x4 in std DDS?

Anyone tried the version without the anti-halation dye?

Is it me or is Maco quality control not good. (I had 820C rollfilm backing tape holding the film to backing snag and jam my holder on 5 out of 10 rolls and a pack of their FB warmtone (Chamois base) matt paper all produce streaky prints (NO other papers thru same developer did. I pulled out the last sheet from the 'trial pack 'without development and slightly dark streaks (purple/brown) were visible on the virgin paper)

Why am I so keen to try another maco product?