I was playing with a friends Dynax 40 the other day and I thought WOW it was so light the AF was so fast (although the lens itself wasn't) and the features like the flash popping up automatically when the light wasn't good enough had me drooling over it. OK that is one of the very automatic futures but I don't have to use it.
OK So I was supprised at how good modern film cameras have got.
I Also went and played with an F80 in Dixons and WOW it was so quiet.
I tend to miss too many shots with my OM-10,
I know that primes produce better results but so does 100 speed film, and I found that I got better results with 400 speed film, when it gets dull, the reason was that 100 speed was so slow it was counter productive, I got more shots with the 400 speed. And as I have seen 400 speed film is pretty good these days. I get thought lots of Superia 400 and XP2. Same with prime lenses I don't get the shot because I cant get close enough Well not with out getting spotted.
Also these cameras are so much quicker to use, no need to spend time focusing, and winding, I find I am not very good at it and I missed a really great split second moment the other day while getting focus.
I will be buying a Nikon or Canon Prime eventually (An AF 50mm 1.8 just like the Zuiko I have now) But I zoom Will Be a good start as I don't have that much money, I intend to keep my OM-10 (sell the OM-30) and use that for landscapes until I can afford some modern Primes.

I don't think I want to go with Minolta, because the camera I buy now will probably be the mount I will stick with forever. I was thinking more of the Nikon F80 or Canon EOS 30v because I can get it so cheap on the net at the moment (although some of the F80s tend to be N80s smuggled from aboard)

So anybody have any suggestions. I have also noticed that even thought the 30v doesn't cost a lot more new or second hand, they don't often come up on eBay while there are lots of F80s. I suppose the main features I want are very Fast AF, A very wide range of ISO speeds (for Pushing) A longer metered exposure (my OM-10 gives up after 8 Seconds no matter what) and a good lens selection.

(One thing about that guy with his Minolta, He uses it as a P&S, He basicly went into Jessops, and was looking at the Digi cams, and he saw the SLRs were the same price and he said he thought sod that Ill get one of them, Supprised more P&S people don't notice, What look to them as the big cameras pros use, going for the same price as P&S digital more often.)