I have used IR 820c with good results in "standard" holders. No fogging, except for one - but that holder later fogged EFKE PL100 too, so it's nothing to do with the film.

I have also tried the "Aura" version, but can't really see the big difference. It makes a lot of difference in smaller formats, but in LF? Well, a 0.5mm extra halation doesn't really give the same glop on 4x5" as it does on 35mm...

I do have a fog problem with the Aura. But that's because I develop by inspection in a leaky darkroom, so the anti-halation layer is necessary to shield the emulsion until the development is well underway. I'll try tank (JOBO) next time.

Jeremy, a DDS is a Double Dark Slide. Stupid name for film holders, but then again English isn't my native language