In the old days, the day of the local camera shop with expert help, a convival owner, and necessary high prices to pay for the processing bills that kept all afloat - Luminos was distributed by the small companies that sold filters, batteries, and all the other things a shop needed. It was effective.

Today, the shop ( if it still exists ) is surrounded by minilabs, grocery stores, hypemegasuperstores, sells lottery tickets, Red Bull, toy trains .... and digital cameras. And Luminos ink jet paper. And the little distrubutor sells filters, batteries and storage media.

So, Kentmere is in a perfect position for us. Now. Great paper ( and unique ), and accessible through mail order, web order, and that, as they, is a good thing.

Attached is an inspirational advert from Kentmere, as found in the 1923 BJP almanac