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I have several... A 645 Zeiss Ikon, 6x6 and 6x9 Voigtländers, a 645 Zenobia, several plate cameras, a 35mm Welta... Great fun, easy-to-use and even easier to bring
We wound up going to the Atlantic Highlands marina last night instead of Sandy Hook. I took the 645 Zenobia - as planned - and shot a roll of J&C Classic 400. It was getting late when we got home so I didn't soup the film last night, and it's just too damn hot to do it now...

We ran into a couple who had a 10 week old King Charles Spaniel puppy. I got a few shots of Liz playing with the dog while it happily pulled and tugged on the laces of her sneakers. We were interested in their dog, they were facinated by the Zenobia!