Had a look thru my Leica lenses, could not find a single one with IR-mark, not even 1936 90/4 seems to have one, also none on my 1950 Carl Zeiss Jena, modern Zeiss have the IR-mark at scale of depth position "aperture 4". My Nikon 105/2.5 SM says 5.6 my 50/1.2 F also says 5.6. So my idea is as long as the lens is not a APO type, I would focus my rangefinder and then adjust this distance to scale of depth aperture 4 or 5.6 -IF using Kodak High Speed Infrared.
For films like SFX 200, APX 200 S which are only sensitive to 750 nm and can be used with 25/29 filters I would just leave it as it is.
Only Kodak High Speed Infrared combined with a Wratten 87 or B&W 92 should require a focus correction. Say object is close to infinity try hyperfocal distance...
In doubt one picture without correction one with correction...

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post scriptum: the quality of a lens is not directly related to its price.