In 35mm and 120 I like TMX in ID-11, usually 1:1. No complaints from me about acutance - that "look" is generally exactly what I want. Whether landscapes, studies of foliage or architecture, the combination delivers a distinctive look that I like for certain purposes.

I've tried TMX in Rodinal and Diafine. All I got was grain with no improvement otherwise. Why add grain to a film that is virtually grain-free unless something else is to be gained? Might as well use APX 100 or any other good film.

I do, however, plan to try some Tetenal Neofin Blau on my next roll of TMX. I'm curious to see whether it can improve apparent sharpness without the penalty of visible grain in large expanses of similar tones, such as skies and water. In my one trial with Neofin Blau so far (on Efke R100) there was grain but it was extremely tight and fine.