Well I finally tried it! I exposed my very first 5x7 negatives using J&C Classic 200. One, of two identical shots, I developed in Rodinal 1:50 on a Unicolor roller. The other I brush developed by inspection using a japanese hake, which jorge talked about. I started checking at 6 minutes and ended up stoping 30-45 seconds after that since it looked pretty good(though i really didn't know what is good...lol). The negatives actually look pretty similar, though they are hanging to dry right now and I wont' be able to make a more informed judgement until later. I really like the BDBI, even though i did have a few bumps in teh road. For one, it was hard for me to keep the negative in place when brushing. i was using an 8x10 tray with a 5x7 negative. I got it to a position where i could keep it in place with my finger about halfway through the process. The other bump I had to go over was forgetting to water stop bath and throwing my negative straight into the fix. Hopefully it didn't effect the negative much, although I suspect that it probably knocked some strength out of my fixer. All in all I enjoyed it and I look forward to fine tuning everything. Now all I need is a radio for the darkroom, as 6 minutes in the dark with nothing more than your thoughts to occupy you is a bit scary....lol