Hi All.

I just got a Seal dry mounting press, I think it's a model 150, but I don't know, there's absolutely no marking with model number on it. It's roughly 15" x 18", and looks similiar to the one in the picture below (I took this pic from an ebay listing, mine is similar, but doesn't have the switch, the power cord comes right out of the center where the heat control is). Anyone have any idea what model it really is? And how old it might be?

Along with the press I got 2 partial boxes of 16x20 dry mounting tissue, one is MT5, and the other is Fotoflat which it says is removable. Is one easier to use than the other? Does dry mounting tissue go bad?

I've never mounted a print before, does anyone have any pointers to a good (preferably online) tutorial on the subject? Thanks!