I was going to take some pic's of the cam itself once it was finished and post them in the camera building forums - its not a pretty beast as I've made most of it out of bits that have come my way and I've tried to cut down on connections by simply bending metal and also cut down on saw cuts by using the wood as it is in an efficient manner (its not my workshop) - also the 'next parts' measurements have so far all been determined by the last piece I completed (I'm careful not to machine myself into a corner tho, if that makes sense) -

I've completed the rail (its a sort of 'duo-rail' monorail) the tilt-shift sticky-up bits (steel, aluminium and plastic-teflon material) - yesterday I completed the front frame bit and lens housing (using Fijian Kauri) - next up is the rear contraptions, no spring loaded GG for me, just a frame within a frame within a frame so I get a GG (ground glass) frame which swaps with a Ddark slide that slips into a square frame (portrait or landscape) which itself slips into the rear main-frame (standard?) -

what is the 'standard' anyway ? the sticky-up bits, the frame system in them ? or all combined ?

then its the bellows which i foresee being a ugly mess, but then its a camera! but I forgot first time round to make a tripod mount which is all essential as my shutter is a lens cap - should be easy tho

A few weeks I'm thinking ...

I had pondered it for so long, its nice now to just be doing it - and with a good workshop it is much faster and easier than you think to get it done ... I say go cheap and cheerful or it will never get finished, (or even started)

ply sounds interesting - probably more suited for a flat-bed style 8x10 ?
could be heavy! which is good tho for the wind/shaking issues (that mine is going to have)

mine is really just a half-way mish-mash of the monorail style bender cam's (simple wooden construction) and the formicula (for the 'duo'-monorail system) - There are so many ways to do it ... (heh)



will def send you a link once I get some pic's up (;

thanks for the interest,