Mike-mounting is not difficult at all. You need an iron to lightly touch the mounting paper to the mat.
1. Place the tissue on the back of the print
2. From the center out make four lines going to each side of the print -gently press the iron doing these lines. This will give you the intial contact with the print.
3. Trim the print; preferably in a rototrim type cutter. You now have a print that is
trimmed to the proper size with the mounting paper attached
4. I have a jig that I bought from Zone-VI to do the attaching of the print to the mat. You could make one very easily. It is essentially a wood board that has
a raised strip attached to the lower part of the board. From the center out it has ruler markings. You place your matboard in the middle and line it up so it matches the same ruler markings on each side. There is a seperate piece that is a T-type bar. Now place the print where you want it to be on the matboard and lay the T-bar across the lower part of the print to make sure it is level
5.While holding the print firmly against the board lightly touch the 4 corners of the tissue to the board wit the iron
6. You should pick up a sable brush to gently brush away debris and dust after and before each operation.
7. Now the package is ready for the drymount press
8. And this is where I wish I had a digital camera to put up some pix for you because it isn't hard at all. Pm me if you need more info
Best, Peter