I exposed a roll of Kodak HIE infrared film yesterday with an EI of 320 in my backyard, including palm trees, 12-foot-high wax leaf hedges, my swimming pool, and other plants in various shots. Instead of my M6, I used my R8 and 35mm Summicron. I used zone focusing, setting the infinity mark on f/8 on the right, resulting in everything from 7 feet to infinity showing up sharp on the negatives. I developed the film in Diafine for 5 minutes in both A and B solutions. Examination of the negatives with both 4x and 8x loupes shows acceptable tonality and contrast, which I will have to tweak via the dials on my Saunders dichroic enlarger.

I plan to expose another roll with my R8 and 35mm Summicron by setting the film speen at 250 and developing it in D76, simply to observe the differences in grain, tonality, and contrast and determine which developer and EI I will permanently prefer. If neither leave me completely pleased, I might be inclined to process it in Xtol.