I'm not going to touch the 6008 vs TLR issue BUT I can say I'm a big Rollei TLR fan with a couple of F's with 3,5 Planar, a 2,8 Planar, and a pair of Tele-Rollei's with the 135 f/4 Sonnar. Fabulous cameras as if you would expect any other response. Excellent with my favorite Ilford FP4+. Love the TLR's but the focus screens are kinda lacking EXCEPT one of my 3,5 Planars (12/24 model) has one of Bill Maxwells Split Image focus Screens--Nice and bright and contrasty and on par with my Hasselblad Acute Matte Split Image---EXCELLENT and I shuffle it to the Tele models when using them because it is that much better but then I do prefer the split image focus. As for Mirror Slap--I've never noticed any issues using my Hasselblads (501 and 503) and vibration BUT can't comment on the 6008 Rollei but I expect no issue---If not using strobes with the Hasselblad I do tend to trip the mirror in advance--kind of habit forming!! My suggestion is try a RolleiFlex TLR with either the Planar or Xenotar lens--I have a couple of Tessar cameras but I really like that very sharp and shallow DOF characteristic of these two lenses--not quite a Tessar trait is it!! If I could have only one MF camera and one Focal length then the 3,5 Planar Rollei TLR is my 1st choice but then my Hasselblad with 100mm Planar is mighty, mighty fine!!

Joseph Burke