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Putting your film in checked luggage is the worst thing you can do; the xray machines are different from those use for hand carried luggage, and much more destructive as you found out. Next time, just hand carry it.
That's right. But what do I do when my request for a hand-search is denied and I have to obey to the authority while going through the inspection with my carry-on luggage? I hear some people say, if you submit your film separately before walking through the detector, they will check it without scanning, but I don't get that kind of luck when I travel abroad.

My film, 400 ASA survived at the airport in Istanbul less than two years ago, but I got really concerned when I had to give up my rights and let the inspection guys scan it twice. I understand that they're extremely alert because that was only a couple of months after terrorism took place. But what was really scary for me was when I saw them turning up the level of scanning to see what it was without asking me.