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That's right. But what do I do when my request for a hand-search is denied and I have to obey to the authority while going through the inspection with my carry-on luggage? I hear some people say, if you submit your film separately before walking through the detector, they will check it without scanning, but I don't get that kind of luck when I travel abroad.
Every country is different of course, but in the US you have a right to have your film hand inspected; if the inspector refuses, ask to see his or her supervisor. But, first try to make it easy for the inspector; remember they don't want to waste time with you. If you are carrying 35mm, remove the film from the boxes, and put them in a plastic bag.

If I'm carrying 400 ASA or lower, I don't even bother; I've run my film through the carry on inspection numerious times, with no problems.