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Hi all Not to brag (ok, maybe a little) but I got a heck of a deal on a Mamiya 645Pro (mint!) and the beast came with an 80mm, a 150mm, a 55mm, as well as a Russian 30mm (it's huge!). Add to that a metered prism (not the kind with spot capability), a left hand grip, a power drive grip, a back with a 120 insert plus a 220 insert (with several boxes of expired 220 film to play with) and a cable release thing. I also got a Lindahl bellows type hood with some filters and some vignette dealies which I might not use but it was part of the deal. I'm not gonna tell you what I paid for this package because I don't want you to cry. It was a steal.

I know, I've asked many questions but this outfit is just begging to be put to work. It's so sleek and fine... Working with it will be a joy, I'm sure.

Now, Ellen, you know you really want to tell us what you paid for this outfit!