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Hi all Not to brag (ok, maybe a little) but I got a heck of a deal on a Mamiya 645Pro (mint!) and the beast came with an 80mm, a 150mm, a 55mm, as well as a Russian 30mm (it's huge!). Add to that a metered prism (not the kind with spot capability), a left hand grip, a power drive grip, a back with a 120 insert plus a 220 insert (with several boxes of expired 220 film to play with) and a cable release thing. I also got a Lindahl bellows type hood with some filters and some vignette dealies which I might not use but it was part of the deal. I'm not gonna tell you what I paid for this package because I don't want you to cry. It was a steal.

So... now I have some questions. I would like to get a polaroid back for it but in looking at KEH's offerings, I'm not sure which model and they don't specify what type of (polaroid) film they use. Some help there would be appreciated.

The left hand grip is pretty neat but I wonder if there is a hand strap available for the power grip? If so, where might I get one?

And finally, to those of you who are doing any kind of macro work with your 645Pro, what sort of advice can you offer? Do you like the extension tubes? Are the auto-bellows worth it? What about macro lenses?

I know, I've asked many questions but this outfit is just begging to be put to work. It's so sleek and fine... Working with it will be a joy, I'm sure.

Any of the polaroid backs will work. They all take basic 600 series pack film. (655, 654, 669, etc) Also, speaking of a polaroid back, you will need the tripod adapter if you wish to use the polaroid back on a tripod, the back extends down below the bottom of the camera and gets in the way of the tripod base unless you have this item.

There is a shorty strap available that I have for my Super. The only problem I have is that with a polaroid back it doesn't fit, the back gets in the way. The strap itself fits on the right hand lug and kind of goes around the wrist. It helps keep the camera in your hand, but it does not function the same as the strap on the left hand grip does.

As for the macro question, I have only done a little. I have a number three tube which gives me pretty close focus, but I am not a huge macro shooter. One thing about the lenses, however, is that you might want a number one tube to shoot portraits with the 150mm lens. It doesn't focus quite closely enough to do a tight head and shoulders.

Have fun!