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Sorry Bruce, I've been shooting some, but I just haven't shot enough yet to be able to send to the processor - I usually wait until I've got about 100 sheets or so. I will send a batch by the end of the month though; I've got a lot of Velvia 100 (and 50) for my trip to New Zealand/Australia in October.

I would suggest that you send a couple of sheets of the RVP100 ahead of the batch to see if it is behaving as you would want. I know this sounds pedantic, but performance of RVP when shooting at either end of the day, as you do, is not as what many would wish, especially in the skies. Here it produces incredible (ie not credible) results. There are many UK LF shooters who, like myself having tested the new film, are less than enamoured.

My photo library is not relishing the postproduction work incurred in Photoshop removing reds/magentas from those who supply trannies only to them. They love images shot on RVP50.

As for the NZ trip, you will want to be certain that you are obtaining the results you desire.

On my recent 2 week trip to Cornwall, I shot just 1 sheet of RVP100 and over 80 RVP50! Am seriously looking at using colour neg film as an alternative and shot 15 sheets of this in readiness.