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yes it does, the only reason i got rid of my F3 was "old age" eyes just aren't what they use to be.
I did find there was a learning curve with auto focus, but that was my doing not the camera.

Reality is i use the 90 much more than the 100 and in fact if i could go back i would have gotten another 90 rather than the 100. Nothing wrong with the 100, it has to do with the location of the controls, and how one changes the fstops and shutter speeds.
The 90 fits my experiences.
Both are great and when i did switch out camera bodies i decided against the F5, too many whistles and bells that wouldn't be used. They seem to be a good decision as i don't use the whistles and bells on the ones i have lol


Thanks. I won't be using it much. It'll be for my girlfriend.At 45 years of age, my eyes are still sharp. Hers, on the other hand..... I figured it would mate well with one of my Nikon poppers. I still love using my FM's, FE's & FE-2's.

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