OK I have a dumb question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. When I developer is supposed to be one shot, does that mean that you can only use it once i.e. one run, or you can only use it for one developing session. The reason I ask is because I'm developing 5x7 sheets in Rodinal 1:50 by brush inspection. Since I'm using a brush, I can only develop one sheet at a time. So I'm wondering if after I develop that one sheet, can I develop another one w/o any problems? I use about 500mL of developer in the tray for the one sheet. With this amount in a tank I can do two sheets....but if I'm using it in a tray, with the developer be too oxidized to handle two sheets in series? I just don't want to put another sheet in the used developer, only to have it develop halfway or something. Any help on the mattter will be greatly appreciated!