Oh no - I did not take it as an attack by any means! I just feel really bad about potentially misleading people with what I held as fact...
Funny story - I fell asleep at the computer last night trying to locate this ghost claim... I just hope I am not going crazy in my old age I feel like I am in some low budged horror movie or psycho drama: "NO! I swear, I SAW it right there... you have to believe me! I AM NOT CRAZY!!! It was there..."
And on to rambling incoherently...hehehheehee.
Well, for what its worth - the claim about circuitry was but one, and in light of all the other advice and comments on the various links and pages, I decided to go with an air-zinc cell. The overwhelming consensus seems to be that your meter will be off iwth 1.5 volts.

By the way - mgb74 - thanks for the link for the adaptor, I think it may be a fun project!