Thanks Baxter,

I will be getting a batch off for processing soon. I've been waiting to finish off the box when David Goldfarb gets here; we are going off shooting somewhere - wherever he wants to go.

This batch I have represents tests with the 100, as well as tests with my new Schneider Super Symar XL 80mm lens - with and without the center filter. That center filter takes such a huge outside filter that I would like to see how usuable the images I get without it are.

I've actually got an equal amount of 50 and 100 Velvia for the trip, except in 35mm which is all 100 (I shoot very little 35mm thest days). I've also found a local source for film in Christchurch that has the 50 in stock, so I think I am set. Sean and John on the North Island will have other sources I'm sure.

BTW, I've completely replace my Cokin kit with an equivalent Lee kit - except I can't find a hard grad .3 (so I settled for the soft grad). I am a bit concerned with the standard hood I bought (I shot some test with the 80 and this hood to be processed in the next batch).