I started doing something a couple of weeks ago that has become a real time saver and provides a much more complete way of keeping notes in the darkroom. I started usin a tape recorder hooked into a footswitch. Instead of stopping to write notations about exposure, filtering, enlarger height and materials, I simply use the tape recorder.

For example, I will get the negative ready to print, switch on the machine and say, "11x14 print of factory wall detail, negative #112/08/99, height 11". Paper is Forte Fiber VC, in Dektol 1-2 for 2 min. test strips of 18, 12, 6, at F8."

After I make a good final proof or a final fine print I will record any detail about buring, dodging, filtering, and toning. Later after the print(s) are dry I will transfer the info onto the back of the pilot print I use for future reference and any notations on buring and dodging on the front.

For me, it seems much easier to go back and write up notes for a session all at once, then then stopping and doing it during a session. But then maybe I am a little more obsessive about keeping notes about printing then others. Any comments?