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I agree that the 105 is a really nice portrait lens. Other lenses might include a 28mm and if you really want something wide, consider the 20mm.

You can do quite a bit with a three- or four-lens kit.
And its amazing how much of it you can do with a good fast 50mm - since so much of your shooting is hand held, available light, a longer lens may be quite limiting. I know that perspective-wise, a 50mm is not perfect for portraiture... but it may be better to have an image than not have one at all. And remember, its not just the apperture that will come into play here - the longer lens will get too long to be hand held a lot sooner than a 50mm or a 35mm. I know that for indoor, available light "shooting from the hip" I find almost everything above a 50mm to become too dark too soon.