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Try Jurgen Kreckel at: http://www.certo6.com/

Jurgen can replace the bellows and CLA the shutter, etc. on your Ikonta B. He does excellent work.
It would appear so.
I purchased a camera from him. When it arrived, I was thrilled; it looked beautiful, worked smoothly; then I held it up to my eye. The viewfinder was all brown with cigarette (?) smoke(hard to focus), and the whole camera smelled of smoke. Neither of these conditions were mentioned in his auction, which I find is unusual. Most sellers will mention smoke in an auction.
He also asserts that "99.999"of Agfa Isolettes require a new bellows. I purchased an Isolette III(not from him) , and the bellows are as tight as a drum, takes great pictures, no light leaks. Wow, I must be lucky, for once.