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... What part of the process with the SBC is the uncomfortable part? What would you like it to do differently? ...
In any case, maybe you should take a look at what specifically you don't like about the SBC as you use it. That would point the way to what you'd prefer, or help us make better suggestions.

OK. For one thing, it doesn't do flash, although that's not a deal breaker. I just thought if I'm going to get yet another meter, it will do flash, too.

I'm actually pretty comfortable with a "match needle" meter. I used a Sekonic Auto Leader for years, so the operation of the Gossen is not foriegn. What bugs me is the switch, or the lack of one to turn it off. Yes, I know that it turns itself off a few seconds after making a reading, but it appears that in rattling around in a bag or my backpack, the bid red button gets pushed down enough times to run the battery down. (No, I don't have a case for it. Anyone got one? I might buy it.) Once, the button even locked down.

Also, the ISO setting tends to slip, as does the EV adjustments.

I know it's a dang good meter, and I will advertise it as such if I sell it.

Appreciate all the comments so far. Just looking for suggestions, you know.