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Does anyone have any rec's for a cheap and fun TLR around a $100 or under that is reasonably good. The Rollei prices are too much, and the 124G's although not as pricey I've have heard can have focus gear problems. I've a Ricoh VI but the lens is bad and I don't have anything that quite replaces it with a 1" rear diameter so time for something different.
What about a Graflex 22? Cheap, around $30 bucks on WePay. Came with 85mm and an odd 83mm lens of Graftar flavors. On low end models the shutter speeds are up to 200 and the later and upper end models have a top speed of 400 with full M-X sync. Remember, these were the Ciro-Flex name built in Columbus, Ohio before Graflex took them over. Good quality camera.