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Thanks for the explaination, Barry. Now we have to schedule time for you to show how in person and we can make lots of knobs for our cameras.


How is the weekend of August 27-28 for everyone? I am free then and should have made some sort of progress on my workshop by then. I got some really cheesy cabinets installed this weekend with the help of my lovely daughter Julia. About 1/3 of the mound left over from moving is now put away. I will whip the rest into shape by this weekend. Once that is done, we can start some serious camera building. The lathe is repaired. It was broken during the move and now works OK. I need to make one handwheel for the cross slide before we do much knobhobbing because the tiny handwheels that come with such a small lathe are misery to use. I will also have that done by the weekend of the 27th -28th. If this is a bad weekend, please let me know and we can schedule another.

Barry Young