Machining question: How hard is threading things with weird camera threads, like retaining nuts for shutters, etc. I have another weird one, a lens with 95 mm thread but coarse pitch, so available accessories only go on one thread...it's visibly different. (Custom lens so not gonna find another source probably).

weird camera threads? Um, threads are threads, Either metric or inch. To the best of my limited knowledge cameras either use module threads for metric or standard 60 degree sharp V inch pattern threads. . On the 95mm thread, what is the pitch specifically and do you need to match an internal or an external thread? For small threads like you mentioned, watchmakers use a die plate for threading rods and tiny 2 flute cut taps and sturdier roll taps for threading holes. They are amazingly inexpensive. The trick is to measure accurately so that you buy the correct one.

With a lathe any of these are possible, as long as you have a 127 tooth translating gear, you can turn metric or inch threads on the same lathe. My evil hidden goal is to get every one of you to buy a lathe. Not because I benefit from lathe sales, but because I want to see these skills passed on to a video game generation.

Barry Young