Hi all

it is kind of tough to be critical of what one likes or doesn't like, ain't it ?

I began as many do with Gossen. Throughout the '70s, I saw more and more Minoltas in friends' studios. I bought an Ultra pro when it came out, but about that time had a chance to use a Minolta IIIf... for shooting people, the III was faster, and more comfortable for the same reason it was modeled on the old norwood pattern. I bought the IIIf.

Today, I use a Minolta Vf, and love it. I looked hard at the sekonics, but I've become used to the way the Minolta handles. And it fits in a pocket, or inside a sweater. Love it.

I've been uncomfortable with the meters which incorporate a lens system. They aren't spot meters, they aren't compact... and to a simple minded guy like me, too complicated to use on the run.