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OK, what you say makes sense to me. You are doing brush development primarily as a way to get, 1) very even develoment, and 2) be able to inspect image formation during developoment.

But then, what advantage does brush development have over standard development by inspection in trays using oversize trays? I don't develop this way but people who do tell me that you can get very even development with single sheet tray development, if done in oversize trays, say 8X10 film in 11X14 or 16X20 trays, etc. And even this method appears to be much less work intensive than brush development?

For one you use less developer. With Pyrocat or other staining developers this is not a big deal as they are very cheap, but imagine if you are using Xtol or something like Dixactol, which per gallon are more expensive than cognac...:P

Another one is tray size, what would I need for 12x20? a 30x40 tray?...no thanks! As to the work, brushing is no more strenuous than lifting the tray corners, specially if you are using a lot of developer in those big trays, and it insures you have better development.

Think about it, at this point you are doing one sheet per run, you are standing the same amount of time in the dark rocking the tray, isnt it worth it to insure you will get the best possible negative?

One more thing, in my case I use the Zone VI compensating developer timer, I adjusted the timing to measure at 74 as well as the curve to increase or decrease 5% per degree, so I now have a system that provides me continuos agitation with very even development at any temperature my tap water happens to be. Essentially I have a poor mans Jobo.

I`ll be honest with you, if I could afford a Jobo unit I would probably switch to rotary development, but for tray I think I have devised the best possible way to obtain consistent results and the best possible negatives. As you know the key is consistency, and the Jobo drum in the Besler motor bases was not cutting it, sometimes the drum rolled of the base, sometimes I took longer to pour the developer, I had no way to monitor temperature, so I had to cool or heat the developer, etc, etc.....Given enough money I would love to have an ATL 3000 with a water chiller hooked to the line like John Sexton has, but who wants to spend more than $15000 just for this?