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I need recommendations for a good all around meter. Flash/ambient; reflected/incident, you know the drill.

At present, I have a spot meter, a Gossen Luna Pro SBC, an old Wein flash meter and half of my cameras have built-ins of various abilities.

Still, not all of the cameras have meters, the spot meter is only good for, well, spot metering, and I'm just uncomfortable with the Gossen. (Don't know why - maybe I'll sell it)

Something like the Minolta IV or V or VI? Sekonic? Gossen? Am I going to have to spend $500? :o (None, and I mean none, of my cameras have cost that much!!!)

Thanks in advance.

I would consider getting the flash attachment for the Luna Pro SBC. I used a Luna Pro F for many years (Nathan Smith has it now) before I got a Gossen Ultra Pro. In many ways, I like the Luna Pro F more than the Ultra-Pro, but I really like the 1/5/10 degree spot attachment for the Profi system Gossens (Luna Pro SBC, Ultra Pro, etc). I also have the color temperature attachment and the Luna Sphere attachment which makes incident readings much easier than the standard Luna Pro "slide the bubble over" method.

My other meters include Weston Master II and, since this past Sunday, a Sekonic L398.