If you can find any of the Yashicas with a Yashinon lens for under $100, you might consider it. (Excepting possibly the Yashica 24, which only takes 220 film and will therefore limit your choice in film.) They're good cameras, but the earlier triplet lens (Yashikor) wasn't nearly the performer that the later Yashinon lens was. The Yashinon - or at least my copy of the Yashinon - is a pretty amazing lens capable of matching anything I've seen from a TLR.

You can find Yashica D bodies with either lens. I picked up a D in immaculate condition with a Yashinon lens for $35. A lot of people don't seem to realize that the D was available with the Yashinon later in the production run so they ignore the D...the number of bids on Yashica D cameras on eBay tends to stay low compared to the number of bids on later Yashica bodies.

A Rolleicord at the right price can also be a great bargain. You might need to be a little more patient though, as Rolleicords seem to go through cycles of popularity. If you can give yourself a little bit of time, you can find one that meets your budget.

Best of luck with your search for the right camera.