I am only saying that it is pointless to argue between photographers because whatever works in your darkroom is right. Davis, Schranz and Jobo seem to agree that while pre-soaking will have distinct effects on different films, It is up to the individual to decide their own preferences or needs.

The general consensus seems to be that pre-soaking is an essential step in processing with staining developers. I don't do Pyro but I find that it is needed to avoid unevenness and air bells when rotary processing. When I use invertables or hangers I have never found that need. Of course, I have tested and use different times for each method although I assume that the constant agitation has more of an effect than the pre-soak on density and contrast.

I don't think there is any disagreement between Sandy and myself except that as far as saying "you should just do whatever the heck you want.", I suppose that I should have appended "If it works".


JOBO's first couple of sentences agrees with you...

"JOBO’s recommendation of a 5 minute prewet of B&W film is probably one of the most disputed suggestions we have made. It causes many people to choose up sides."

Who would think that a few ounces of plain old water would stir up such a hornet's nest?