Once again we are involved in the who really knows zone. I agree with the statement : "Try to involve yourself in seeing the quality of LIGHT". Yet in some ways that only satisfies the needs for images based on immediate gratification. Those images are kind of like fishing, you can bait your hook, pick the best time of day at your favorite spot and toss in the line. Then wait for luck to intervene. There's a lot of photo-artists who have been very succesful this way and I love their work. A succesful piece of art is really an exploration of all the elements, This exploration requires destruction, evaluation,re-assembly then destruction again. So that you understand the very instincts that attracted you to this idea in the first place. Hopefully along the way you're creating then re-creating your Idea allowing it to detract you then returning back to the essential components with refreshed opportunities for evolution. I think this path is called a series, but really by default because, you've used it to explore. There's all kinds of light, just as there's all kinds of subjects to light. It's really fun to chase it, watch it, and re-create it, but beyond that the conversation between light, the subject and its environment is what we need to listen to and translate to our veiwers. It takes fortitude and some luck combined with technology. We can build our own pond and seed with the fish we hope to catch. With some feeding and nurturing the fishing becomes more predictable, develops its own personality and periodically offers some great supprises.